Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to a guaranteed interview with a local employer. The cost is fully funded for learners not taking the course through an employer.

Skills Bootcamps are delivered in partnership with employers, further education training providers and local government. If you're aged 19+ and currently unemployed, self-employed, looking to explore a new industry or progress in your current sector, a Skills Bootcamp could be your next step to a better job.

Courses available

Working alongside partners including Nissan, Unipres, Newcastle College, EMS Training NE and Innovation SuperNetwork, we offer courses in:

  • Education and business
  • Construction, retrofit and renewables
  • Green skills, automotive and arboriculture


Select one of the routes below to discover more about the courses we offer, or click Find out more at the bottom of the page to complete an enquiry form for more information.

Are you an employer?

To find out more about providing training to your employees through our Skills Bootcamp courses, call us on 0330 770 8000.


To be eligible for a Skills Bootcamp, you should be aged 19 or over and be either unemployed, self-employed, looking to explore a new industry or progress in your current sector by developing new skills.

Please note, some Skills Bootcamps may require learners to possess prior qualifications or experience in a related role.

If you are interested in joining a Skills Bootcamp and want to learn more about entry requirements, please click Find out more below to complete an enquiry form.

A Skills Bootcamp is free is you are taking the course yourself and not through and employer.

If you are an employer or you are interested in taking a course through your employer, please contact us on 0300 770 8000 to find out more information regarding cost. Alternatively, you can complete the enquiry form below.

Most Skills Bootcamp courses last for up to 16 weeks.

Skills Bootcamps are delivered with employers and further education training providers to help you develop skills that are in demand nationally, to ensure a direct line of sight to a job.

You will be guaranteed a job interview at the end of the course.

If you are taking the course through an employer, you may be eligible for additional responsibilities or a new role.

To apply, select the route relevant to you above and then click the 'Apply now' button next to the title of your chosen course, then complete the application form we'll be in touch soon.

There is also a link to the application form in the course information under How do I find out more?

Once you have submitted the application form, we will contact you regarding the Skills Bootcamp course.

Organisations can access Skills Bootcamp courses to train their own existing employees as part of staff professional training. Employers can co-fund the training with a cash contribution of 30% or more (reducing to 10% or more for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). 

You can call us on 0300 770 8000 or click Find out more below to complete an enquiry form.

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