1. Skills for a specific career sector
  2. Hands-on, practical experience of a specific job role
  1. Qualifications that relate to a career or industry sector
  2. Workplace experience
  1. Not sure – but I know the sector I would like to work in
  2. Yes - I want to start straight away
  1. Almost ready
  2. Yes I’m ready

If you chose mostly 1:

A vocational course or T Level might be for you! Our vocational qualifications and T Levels are designed to prepare you for a real career or higher level study and can offer you great career prospects.

In an office, a woman apprentice sits at a desk, smiling and looking towards the camera.

If you chose mostly 2:

An apprenticeship might be for you! Apprenticeships can help you get started by gaining nationally recognised qualifications, real work experience and earning a wage - all at the same time!