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September 1 Year Level 2 Full-Time Ashington Main Campus Full-time Vocational Apply Enquire

What’s it all about?

Unlock the world with the Level 2 Certificate in Travel and Tourism. This comprehensive course is your passport to an exciting career in one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Whether you aim to work in airlines, airport, travel agencies, overseas, or even start your own tourism business, this qualification provides the foundational skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of the travel and tourism industry. You will delve into customer service excellence, learn about the structure of the UK travel and tourism sector, and explore various global destinations. Each module is designed to build your understanding and appreciation of the cultural, economic, and environmental aspects of travel and tourism.

With guided learning hours, each unit is structured to ensure you gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills through internally assessed projects and an externally moderated portfolio. This blend of learning approaches ensures you are ready for the workplace.

This course is perfect for post-GCSE students who are passionate about travel and eager to explore diverse cultures and destinations. As a Level 2 Diploma student, you will enjoy an engaging study program that encourages both personal and professional growth, opening doors to further educational opportunities or direct entry into the travel industry.

Embrace the opportunity to turn your passion for travel into a rewarding career with our Level 2 Certificate in Travel and Tourism. The world is waiting for you—start your journey here!

You will need 3 GCE’s at grade 3-9 including Maths and English. Or a relevant Level 1 qualification.

Study level Cost
19+ please enquire

Our Level 2 Certificate in Travel and Tourism combines many external visits within the industry, engaging classroom learning with practical assessments to prepare you for the dynamic world of travel. Taught by industry experts, the course covers key aspects of the travel sector through interactive lessons and real-world case studies. Assessment is continuous, based on a portfolio of evidence you'll build throughout the course, showcasing your understanding and skills. This hands-on approach not only deepens your learning but also prepares you for immediate entry into the tourism industry, ensuring you are job-ready upon completion. Get set to transform your passion for travel into a rewarding career!

GCSE Maths and English are crucial steppingstones for your success in our Level 2 Diploma in Travel and Tourism. Proficiency in English will enhance your communication skills, vital for delivering outstanding customer service and crafting compelling travel itineraries. Maths skills will empower you to handle bookings, manage budgets, and understand data trends that shape the travel industry. Together, these core subjects provide a strong educational foundation, ensuring you can confidently navigate the demands of a vibrant tourism career. Elevate your potential in the travel world by grounding your passion in essential knowledge and skills with us.

Seize the opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world with valuable placement opportunities integrated into this program. We partner with leading travel agencies, renowned tourist attractions, and major hospitality brands to offer you first-hand experience in the dynamic travel and tourism sector. These placements are carefully selected to enhance your learning, broaden your professional network, and boost your resume. Gain practical skills, understand industry workflows, and make influential connections that could lead to exciting job offers. Step into the world of travel and tourism with confidence and a professional edge!

Embark on a thrilling journey with our Level 2 Certificate in Travel and Tourism, designed to ignite your passion and prepare you for a vibrant career in the travel industry. This course aims to equip you with a deep understanding of the travel and tourism sector, from customer service to the operational facets of the whole travel industry. Dive into a learning adventure that not only enhances your knowledge of global travel destinations but also sharpens your skills to excel in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

Explore the diverse and exciting world of travel and tourism with our carefully crafted modules, each designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in this dynamic industry:

• Customer Service in Travel and Tourism - Master the art of exceptional customer service, crucial for creating memorable experiences and building customer loyalty in travel and tourism.

• The UK Travel and Tourism Sector - Gain a thorough understanding of the structure and significance of the travel and tourism industry within the UK, including key organizations and trends.

• Worldwide Travel and Tourism Destinations - Explore major global destinations, learning about geographical features, cultural attractions, and what draws tourists to these locations.

• Travel and Tourism Enterprises - Dive into the business side of travel, examining how tourism enterprises operate, innovate, and thrive in a competitive market.

• Managing Tour Operations - Understand the logistics of designing and managing tours, including planning, budgeting, and execution of travel packages.

• Event Management in Travel and Tourism - Learn to design, plan, and execute events ranging from corporate meetings to large-scale tourist events, focusing on project management and strategic planning.

• Marketing in Travel and Tourism - Develop essential marketing skills tailored for the travel and tourism sector, including digital marketing strategies to attract and engage travelers.

Each module combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing you for a range of career paths in this exciting field. Join us and turn your passion for travel into a rewarding career!

What’s next?

Upon completing the Level 2 Certificate in Travel and Tourism, you’re perfectly positioned to elevate your studies or step directly into the travel industry. Advance to a Level 3 qualification to deepen your expertise or explore other specialised courses like Customer Service in Hospitality. In terms of career opportunities, graduates find roles in travel agencies, airline services, overseas resort representatives and tourist attractions, where they apply their skills in real-world settings, enhancing guest experiences and shaping memorable journeys. Your path could lead to managing travel operations or crafting unique travel packages—sky’s the limit! Start here, go anywhere!

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