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What’s it all about?

Embark on a transformative journey with the T Level Foundation: Education & Early Years Route. Tailored for individuals passionate about the developmental milestones and welfare of children from birth to 5 years old; this course stands as a cornerstone for those aspiring to build a career in childcare or early education.

This comprehensive program unfolds over six meticulously designed units, each aimed at equipping you with the fundamental skills and knowledge essential for nurturing young minds and ensuring their well-being. Dive deep into child development, explore the dynamics of play and learning, and navigate the complexities of legislation and professional responsibilities within childcare settings.

With a blend of internal assessments and a professional skills record, the course structure ensures a comprehensive evaluation of your skills and knowledge, fostering your growth into a competent childcare practitioner. Whether you aspire to be a Nursery Assistant, Classroom Assistant, or Preschool Assistant, this qualification lays the groundwork for your career and provides a pathway to Level 3 qualifications and beyond.

You will need 3 GCSE's at grade 3-9 includings Maths, English and Science. Or a relevant Level 1 qualification.

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19+ please enquire

Experience a transformative blend of interactive classroom learning and hands-on experience in real-world childcare settings. In this program, you'll explore child development, play, and nutrition through engaging lessons and practical activities. Assessments include creating detailed portfolios, reflecting on your experiences, and completing a Professional Skills Record during your placement. Turn your passion for children's growth and learning into a professional skill set and embark on an exciting journey toward a rewarding career!

GCSE Maths and English are like the secret ingredients in your toolkit for the Education & Early Years route. Think of English as your magic wand for storytelling, clear communication, and sparking little imaginations. It’s all about connecting with the kids and making learning fun and meaningful for them. Maths, on the other hand, is your trusty compass. It guides you through everyday tasks, from planning the perfect portion sizes in meals to creating engaging learning activities that include counting or measuring. These subjects don’t just tick boxes for your qualification; they genuinely elevate your ability to inspire and educate young minds effectively.

Immerse yourself into the heart of childcare with our placement opportunities! As part of the Education & Early Years route, you'll step into vibrant early years settings where your learning comes to life. Imagine yourself nurturing creativity in a bustling nursery. Each placement is your chance to apply classroom theories in real-life scenarios, building confidence and skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Whether you dream of being a superhero in a childcare centre inspiring young minds or creating fun learning experiences in a playgroup, our placements offer a taste of your future career. Get ready to connect, learn, and grow. Your journey starts here – transform your passion into action!

Access a world of opportunities with our industry connections! Our Education & Early Years Route course opens doors to exclusive partnerships with leading childcare providers, innovative early years settings, and dynamic primary schools. Through these links, you'll gain firsthand experience, learning from seasoned professionals who share your passion for shaping young minds.

Imagine attending guest lectures from experts in childhood education, and gaining insights from professionals who are at the forefront of teaching and nurturing. These connections not only enrich your learning but also pave the way for future employment opportunities. By networking with our industry partners, you'll step confidently into the professional world, backed by a community of mentors and potential employers.

Embrace the chance to make meaningful connections, learn from the best, and start building your career network from day one. Join us and turn your passion for childcare and education into a rewarding career!

Ready to dive into a journey that shapes the future of our little ones? Our Education & Early Years route is your first step towards becoming a champion in early years and primary education. Designed for you, right after your GCSEs, this program fits perfectly into your new, exciting adult life.

Take your passion for child development to the next level with our dynamic course, designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Beyond classroom learning, you'll gain invaluable real-world experience with a 120 hours in a professional setting. This hands-on approach not only deepens your understanding but also equips you to navigate the diverse challenges and rewards of a career working with children. Prepare to make a lasting impact and thrive in a field you love.

Flexible enough to balance with your life’s hustle and bustle, this programme promises not just a qualification but a transformation into a skilled, ready-for-action childcare professional. Gear up for a rewarding career path where every day, you make a difference. Join us, and let's nurture the future together!

This programme is delivered over four days, with one day a week allocated for work placements once you are ready.

Dive into the heart of early childhood development with the Education & Early Years Route. Designed for those passionate about shaping young lives, this course offers deep insights into children's growth from birth to 5 years. You'll explore playful learning, understand essential legislation, and engage in real-world childcare settings. Perfect for post-GCSE students dreaming of a career in early years this qualification sets the stage for lifelong impact, guiding you to become a trusted, nurturing presence in children's developmental journeys. Start your path to becoming an early childhood champion today!

Each module is your stepping stone to making a real difference in children's lives. So, ready to jump in and start your journey to becoming a childcare superstar?

• Child Development from Birth to 11 Years 11 Months: Explore the fascinating journey of growth and learning, understanding how kids evolve physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

• Play and Learning: Discover the power of play! Learn how creative and educational play supports development and brings joy and learning to every child’s day.

• Exploring Legislation: Get to grips with the rules and regulations that keep children safe and support their rights – knowledge every childcare hero needs!

• The Role of the Childcare Practitioner: Find out what it takes to be an inspiring childcare professional, from teamwork to creating positive environments for children to flourish.

• Nutrition: Learn the essentials of a balanced diet for children, and how you can support their health and happiness through yummy and nutritious meals.

• Physical Development and Physical Activity: Get active with ideas on how to encourage children to move and groove, supporting their health and physical growth.


What’s next?

After completing this vibrant course, your world of opportunities in childcare and education blossoms. You can progress to our T Level in Education and Childcare: Early Years Educator, paving the way for a rich educational journey.

Each step forward opens doors to impacting young lives profoundly. So, dream big, and let your love for nurturing young minds guide your path to a rewarding career where every day, you make a difference. The future is bright, and it starts with you!

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