Having a keen interest in plants and gardening, Jacob chose a horticulture apprenticeship to increase his knowledge and gain a qualification. He is currently a Sales Assistant Manager at Cowells Garden Centre where is responsible for the maintenance and care of perennial plants.

Level 2 Diploma in Work-based Horticulture.

Cowells Garden Centre in Woolsington.

Sales Assistant Manager.

Handling. maintenance and sales of plants. However, my main role is to look after any perennial plants. So plants basically!

Bringing so many smiles to people faces every single day. That, and the satisfaction of looking after my particular area in the centre (perennials).

The best part of my apprenticeship was enjoying the course itself. We also had a good class, who were a laugh. Also the tutors Lee and Sadie were top notch.

I always had an interest in plants and gardening. So I figured I would go and learn more and gain a qualification in the process.

Although it was one day a week, you feel a real sense of real achievement once you complete the full course.

I also had good people around me while I was there. You’ll find you will have learned a lot of useful information to take into the job world.

The tutors make a very comfortable atmosphere for you, and treat you like an adult and show you a lot of respect too. It’s a very easy going atmosphere overall.

Providing you are keen to learn and gain more experience in your chosen subject, an apprenticeship will be for you.

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