Matthew  always wanted to progress into engineering after he left school and a chance encounter when collecting his results has helped him land a job with global paint manufacturer AzkoNobel.

Level 3 Engineering.

I wanted to progress into engineering after I had left school. It was more of a career choice and a field of work that interested me. The use of constant problem solving and mathematical equations was a hobby just as much as a work related interest.

It was the college that was most local to me but, more than that, I had seen good reviews online and from past students that I know, such as my sister and other friends.

The freedom. It was a lot more relaxed than I thought it would be and for the better might I add. Instead of constant exams in the classroom, you learnt a particular subject, did and assignment and then you moved on to the next.

That gives you a lot more freedom and less stress to learn new things and study for tests. The course was laid out very well.

The constant motivation, understanding and guidance in getting your assignments completed correctly, to the best standards of your own capabilities and within deadline. Each lecturer helped in their own magnificent way and no matter how many times you got stuck on a particular question or subject, they were there to show you how to do it.

Comfortable, relaxing, stress free and fun. Granted you’re there to do a job and get a fantastic qualification, but you also get to know new people, including the tutors and have some fun.

Everyone was always very outgoing, very talkative, funny and also helpful when it came to the work at hand. Ultimately, it was a lovely atmosphere to be in.

A visit to the Port Of Blyth was a phenomenal opportunity and a real insight to not only the real working world, but also a certain area of work that could be gigantic in the near future.

Having essentially a small day out getting a lecture on Wind Turbines, Wind Technology, it was seeing opportunities like this that made me want to push harder to getting the qualifications I was studying.

Self motivation. I’ve always been self motivated, in I’ll set a target at the beginning of an event and constantly try to better myself everyday.

“Eyes open, ears open, mouth closed” was the best advice I ever had. It allowed me to really take in what the lecturer was saying and use that towards completing my assignments.

I’d highly recommend the college as they have some fantastic courses available and lecturers that will help you achieve the goals you set.

I am currently working for a magnificent company called AkzoNobel as an MSO. I was lucky enough to meet the site manager, Jeff Hope at the college earlier in the summer when a few students were being interviewed for the BBC. It was clear from the things that Jeff said that AkzoNobel was one of the best companies to work for, with fantastic morals & a real insight for the future.

I sent in my CV and was lucky enough to visit the company & see first hand, some of the extraordinary machinery and technology they used. I was absolutely amazed and still am every time I walk into the factory.

I have loved every minute working at AkzoNobel, meeting truly fantastic people along the way. I thank Jeff and all my colleagues at AkzoNobel for this wonderful opportunity and for making a young lad feel very welcome in their company.

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