Oliver enrolled at Northumberland College as he wanted to be a teacher specialising in physical education. Studying with us gave him the knowledge, motivation and inspiration to progress to university and into his dream career.

I wanted to be a teacher specialising in physical education and the course allowed me to go to university to continue my career aspirations.

The great facilities and the campus was near to my home.

The level of applied learning was high, both theoretical and practical, which allowed me to greater understand the course content and the real world application of the given knowledge.

The help and guidance from the tutors allowed me perform to the best of my ability and progress to university.

Friendly, family like and supportive.

The opportunity to volunteer in sporting events improved my personal statement and helped me put into practice the knowledge we were learning in lessons.

The tutors inspired me the most as I wanted to be able to be as good of a role model as they were to us, passing on their knowledge and understanding to future practitioners in the field of sport and education.

“Just keep going, it will get easier,” from Public Services and Sport lecturer Danielle Thompson.

I would advise that they apply to study at Northumberland College, the campus is great and the knowledge of the tutors is second to none.

It allowed me to mature and gain the knowledge I needed to progress further in my career aspirations.

I am a Year 4 class teacher in a first school with PE specialism

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We are the largest further education provider in Northumberland with campuses throughout the county.

Our student transport scheme is available for eligible students to make getting to and from college as easy as possible.

Our extensive re-development programme will create outstanding new facilities.