Passionate about working with cats, especially big cats, Sarah enrolled at Northumberland College to get hands-on experience working with animals at Kirkley Hall Zoo. She is now working with Cats Protection in Gateshead while studying her Foundation Degree in Animal Management.

Level 3 Animal Management.

Northumberland College has the best Animal  Management programme, and you gain hands-on experience working at the zoo at Kirkley Hall.

The wide range of animals you could work with and study, such as exotic species.

Staff are wonderful with such a breadth of knowledge. You can ask them anything. They really respect you.

Yes, I would. The college is really inclusive.

I worked for the NHS before coming to Northumberland College and was in a class with school leavers but was never singled out.

I did my work experience at the Cats Protection in Gateshead and they offered me a job over the summer, which I’ll continue while I return to Northumberland College to study a Foundation Degree in Animal Management.

I would never have got a job at Cats Protection without the experience I gained at college.

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