Treat your pooch to the ultimate pamper!

It is essential for you to groom your dog regularly, not only to keep them clean and tidy, but also as an important process in maintaining their health.

All dogs should be groomed regularly and professionally, the frequency of this will vary dependant on their breed and coat type.

All of our services here are supported by Northumberland College students. Rest assured, your pooch will always be in safe hands, our students are led by experienced professionals and your custom and feedback is a key part of their learning.

Whether your pooch needs a bath, a nail trim or a complete restyle, we can offer it all!

The services we offer:

Bathing and drying

Nail trimming

Ear cleaning

Hand stripping

Ear plucking

High standard cuts

Free puppy socialisation

Free grooming advice

Price list and policy

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Red labrador dog being examined by a student at Northumberland College.

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