We hope to run further sessions throughout the year and welcome feedback from home educators on what they would love to see included in the sessions we offer.

On the day

Arriving at 10am, your presenter for the day will meet you at the admissions kiosk and then head for a zoo tour to start the day.

After the tour, the group will then spend time in one of our resource areas, such the small mammal room, primate area, aquatics room or reptile area until lunchtime.

Activities may include feeding, handling some of our friendlier animals and helping muck out and clean enclosures, along with helping with grooming and health checking the animals.

Each session will be varied depending on what resource areas we have free that day. We aim to cover a variety of aspects relating to the animals, including adaptation, habitat, and classification.

In the afternoon, the learners will then head to another animal area to continue with their activities.

The day ends at 3pm so please arrive just prior to this time to collect your child.


Pricing is £50 per child per day booked.


Please bring your own food and drink to last throughout the day.

What to bring/wear 

Feel free to bring a camera or tablet to take pictures.

Sunscreen and a sun hat are advisable if it’s going to be hot, as well as wet weather clothing if going to be raining that day.

Footwear needs to be suitable to get a little mucky and wet, as some of the jobs that the Zoo School will carry out will include working in the enclosures.


The Zoo School will be always supervised during the day by one of our presenter/keeper team, who are all DBS checked. 


Before you visit Northumberland College Zoo, please make your child is aware of the following:

  • In order to see the animals and watch them behaving naturally, visitors must be quiet. Banging on the windows, shouting or imitating animal sounds will frighten and scare the animals away.
  • There are other visitors in the zoo at the same time as you. Respect their needs so everyone has an enjoyable day out.
  • Children must not stray into areas that are not open to the public. These areas are off limits to the public for a reason and it may not be safe for the students to enter.
  • If a child is disruptive and will not behave, then we will contact you to come and collect your child to prevent disrupting the activities for the other participants.

First aid and allergies

We have qualified first aiders on site. All staff are first aid trained and can administer first aid quickly if required. We will contact you as soon as we can if any treatment needs to be administered.

We cannot guarantee that our animal feed has not come into contact with nut products. Please ensure you complete the form fully so we can plan our day to minimise any risks.

Children Requiring Medication

If your child requires medication, please ensure that you bring this with you on the day and discuss any necessary medication with the presenter on arrival.

Booking and further info

To book your chosen date, click the 'Zoo School' button below.