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Redeeming a voucher?

You can purchase a gift voucher through the zoo, or you can buy a voucher for our animal experiences through Red Letter Days.

Northumberland College Zoo vouchers

To redeem your voucher bought through the zoo, select the product your voucher is for (e.g. zoo ticket, animal experience, Zoo School or Zoo Club, etc.) and then input the voucher number at the top of the selection menu. You can then redeem your voucher and book your chosen date.

Red Letter Days vouchers

To redeem your Red Letter Days voucher, click on the animal experiences button above. Select ‘Animal Experiences’ and then choose either a single or a double experience, depending on the type of voucher you have to redeem. You’ll then be shown the dates and times we have available.

Once you have selected your date and time, please email the zoo on and include the following information:

  • Chosen date and time of the experience
  • Names of attendees
  • Contact number
  • Voucher number
  • Any allergy information for attendees