Did you know a professional F1 pit crew team can change all four wheels in under 2 seconds? Race against the clock and feel the pressure of life in the fast lane as you change our rotating racing car wheels using speed, efficiency and team work.

There's never been a better time to become a barber, so let's see if you can cut it! If you've got a good eye for style we can show you different clipper work, patterns and shaves using our professional tools of the trade.

We’ll help you create stunning nail designs by showing you the most up to date nail art techniques as well as how to prepare nails and cuticles. You’ll be able to practice professional looking nails and get a real insight to the beauty industry.

Make a pizza like a pro! We will show you everything you need to know about making pizza dough from scratch, and creating your very own topping using a combination of delicious ingredients. The best bit is that you get to eat your pizza once it is cooked to perfection.

You will hear people tweeting about this! Design and construct your own bird box and give back to nature.

Let us help you lay the foundations of a fantastic career in the construction trade. We'll work as a team in our industry standard brick workshop to build a solid brick wall using specialist tools like plumb lines and spirit levels.

Can you fix it - yes we can. Simple fixing of houshold problem.

Learn about the benefits of creative play for babies and children.

Design a simple eletrical circuit, driving a small motor and lighting the world.

Design and construct an electrical circuit to control time and movement.

We'll help you create the perfect prom look by sharing our expert hair and beauty techniques with you. You'll be able to practise professional looking hair styles and impressive nail designs, and get a real insight into the hair and beauty industry.

Try out our simulation ward and Health hub and learn basic first aid and care skills.

Come along and have a go at building your own PC, explore ways of personalising your own PC to suit your needs. A practial session.

How fit are you? Learn basic assessment skills in health and fitness.

Travel the world without even leaving the college! Get on board our aircraft cabin simulator and experience the role of cabin crew first hand. Brush up on your knowledge of travel geography, the phonetic alphabet and the world of airport codes to help you get off to a flying start.

Introduction to crime scenes and forensics - come and work out who did it!