We aim to support all the species in our care along with other endangered species in their natural habitats. We are proud to support some very endangered species here at our zoo, as part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP).

Species we care for as part of the EEP include:

  • Black and white ruffed lemurs
  • Bush dogs
  • Common squirrel monkeys
  • Radiated tortoises
  • Electric blue gecko
  • Red crowned cranes
  • Von der Decken hornbills
  • Ring tailed lemurs
  • Cotton top tamarins
  • Emperor tamarins
  • Geoldi’s monkeys
  • Utila spiny tailed iguanas
  • Waldrapp ibises

We look after and support the stud bookkeeper to maintain a captive population of the above species and ensure we have a genetic back up if anything was to happen to the wild populations. Each year the stud bookkeeper of each species looks at the captive population and makes recommendations for individual animals to be paired up and moved to other collections. In 2018, we were very proud to help create a breeding pair of bush dogs in Japan, where one of our male bush dogs was paired with a female from Twycross Zoo. They went to be the first breeding pair of bush dogs in Japan.

Rare Breed Domesticated Species

We are also holders of some rare breed domesticated species.

We have a herd of rare bagot goats, that we hope to breed in the coming years and a group of Shetland ducks. These are all on the watch list for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

More information can be found at www.RBST.org.