We are proud to support a number of conservation charities helping animals in their natural habitats.

Each year we raise funds through animal adoptions, animal experiences where a donation from each goes to our conservation projects and events where we raise awareness and funds in the zoo when we are open the public.

As well as the successful red squirrel project here on the estate at Kirkley Hall, we support some projects helping species in their natural habitats.

World Parrot Trust

We are members of the World Parrot Trust.

Through our annual membership, we help to support all the projects they carry out around the world.

For further information, please see click here.

You can help support the World Parrot Trust by purchasing one of their sustainable wristbands here.

Red Squirrels Northern England

We are fortunate to have red squirrels living in and around Northumberland, and support the work of Red Squirrels Northern England by carrying out surveying work in several locations around the county. We also control the grey population on site and are actively promoting the red squirrel population in and around Kirkley Hall.

We are pleased to work in partnership with RSNE to sell sustainable wristbands. Click here to go to our online giftshop to purchase one. All proceeds go to local red squirrel projects.

Bush Dog Conservation Trust

We are pleased to partner with Proyecto Zorro Pitoco – a conservation project in South America looking at preserving the wild populations of bush dogs. Based in the Misiones province in Argentina, field workers support the project and protect bush dogs by working with local farmers to restore parts of the Atlantic Forest. The group create corridors of habitat that have been lost through invasive species and agriculture, which depletes the habitat for bush dogs.

We are selling sustainable wristbands that you can purchase from our gift shop here. Proceeds are donated to the field project. We also have events running thorughout the year at the zoo to promote the field work they are carrying out.

Hedgehog friendly campus

Our Kirkley Hall campus is are progressing towards achieving our bronze Hedgehog Friendly Campus accreditation.

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative is a national campaign launched jointly by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Further Education colleges.

We have arranged a hedgehog committee with staff from across the college, zoo staff and the Student Conservation Society. Activities include fundraising, awareness days, surveying and creating hedgehog habitats.

Further info can be found here.